Lot Selection & Architectural Design

Whether you are starting your building journey or have a lot/plan selected, we are happy to work with you to assist in making the right choices with the right contacts and the right expertise. We also offer set-price plans that put emphasis on minimizing construction costs.

Specifications & Finish Selection

The goal of our specification meeting is to establish a starting point for your project and get a sense of what you envision for your project. This is where your budget, wish list and plans cross paths. This is also the time that we discuss which contract type will best suit your needs, an open-book budget or a fixed-price proposal.


Estimation & Budget Review

If you have built a home before or discussed your project with another builder, you might be familiar with contractors using square foot pricing or on-the-spot estimates. This is unfortunately a bad habit that has formed in the industry. Pricing can be affected by so many variables (specifications, architecture, labour market conditions, volatility in commodity and material prices etc.) that it is reckless to utilize this method as an indication.

It is our principle to be transparent and accurate, as housing remains a major long-term investment for most Canadians. This is why we go out to trades to price your plans according to your exact specifications as selected in the previous step. 

Depending on your choice of contract (open-book vs. fixed-price), we set up a meeting to either review your budget line-by-line (open-book) or present to you our proposal and specification schedule (fixed-price). In conjunction with your feedback, we can certainly make adjustments to specifications at this stage to meet your budget goals.


Contract Signing & System Orientation

Once you are comfortable with the budget/price presented, we use that number to form the contract and review the contract together to ensure expectations of both parties are safeguarded. Please feel free to review it with your lawyer as it is a standard construction contract. At this stage, clients should have closed on their lots and ensured financing is in place. We make sure that changes during budget review that require plan revision are complete.

Upon signing the contract, we provide an orientation tour of our project management software that allows you to track the project financials, schedule, selections and approve changes. Your participation in this software is completely optional but very much encouraged as it is a great tool for homeowners to keep on top of progress on their projects.

Engineering & Permit Application

Upon receipt of your deposit, we collect all the necessary paper work to apply for your building permit. This includes floor and roof design as well as structural drawings. While the engineers are preparing your plans we are hard at work on the next step in our process (#6) to ensure we can start your project as soon as the building permit is received.


Trade Approvals & Construction

During this stage we work with you to select the trades and finishes we believe will best suit your needs. Typically this consists of a review of your home through daily correspondence and a regular weekly meeting scheduled to formally review and sign off on trades. We will guide you through each quote to make sure your getting the best value as well as the final product your envisioning. As the construction of your home progresses, the weekly meetings will shift from our office to your site.

For the out of town clients or clients who don't feel they have the time to meet on a consistent basis we offer a 100% online process available to you anytime on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Pre-Occupancy & Completion Walkthrough

As your construction nears completion we will complete a Pre-Occupancy Walkthrough with you where we review any questions or concerns you might have. This process ensures that everything is ready and satisfactory for your move-in day.


One-Year Warranty Walkthrough

After you have lived in your new home for one year, we do an additional walkthrough at time convenient for you in order to identify any settling cracks or nail pops that may have surfaced. We go over anything else that may have malfunctioned that our clients did not put as a repair request during the time period preceding this walkthrough.