Integrated Project Management

An introductory video to our system

With our online client login, you will have access to all aspects of your project. However, these are only a few areas to improve the building process. You will still have regular scheduled meetings with your construction team. 

The choice is yours! You can use traditional e-mail correspondence or your client login. Either way, your correspondence is automatically recorded and filed on your project page accordingly to avoid any "mishaps" and for your future reference.

Full access to project schedules. Feel free to check where your project stands! Have we gained a day this week? Was drywall supposed to take this long? It is all a click away, when you choose to access.

Specs and Selections. Have a question or need assistance on a selection? You can contact us and your chosen trade from your online portal (or email if you prefer). Both us, and the trade can provide you with pictures, answers to help you throughout the project.

A Dynamic Team

Sharing your values. We have been on the other side of the table. We know what the process can be from a client's perspective and we take pride in providing a service that's built on the same values. Innovation, accountability, transparency and integrity are in our DNA.

True experience that counts. We continue to work with clients from day one. Our team will help you find the perfect lot, design your dream home, assist with making selections while staying on budget all while making sure we get you into your new home as efficiently as possible. We are not just home builders that build, sell and forget. We set out to forge relationships.


An Industry-Leading Warranty

New Construction. Through its strict quality assurance inspections and expert technical advisors, our warranty provider is an ally you can count on. Keep your mind at ease with the 2-5-10 year New Home Warranty!

Renovations. We stand behind our expertise! Enjoy a 2-5-5 year warranty when you substantially renovate your home. Same provider = Same perks!

Primera Bumper-to-Bumper. We are here to assist. All clients receive a one-year, no headaches warranty on workmanship and materials. A nail-pop? A door needs adjustment? You can submit a service request online and track your request in real-time! Our service team is here to make sure you continue to love your home.

New Technologies

This is not just a job for us. Construction is our passion and we are constantly looking towards new and innovative ways to make your home better. If it is tested and true, you can count on our honest advice. The decision remains yours!

Building Materials. Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), light steel construction systems, regular steel framing, laminated timber systems... There is a lot of choice out there! Some come at a premium and others will soon be mainstream. Our team is there to help you decide.

Smart Homes. Partnering with established installers that are licensed in different systems, we are ready when you are. If budget is the priority, we can suggest the best methods to future-proof your home that provide the best value. If you are looking for the newest and most exciting technology, the options are endless.