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BC Energy Step Code - The most recent provincial building code changes on the road to net-zero construction

City of Kelowna Step Code Guide - A guide on BC Step Code and its implementation in the City of Kelowna

BC Residential Construction Performance Guide - Minimum standards all licensed builders have to adhere to as established by BC housing

Legislation on New Home Warranty - An overview of New Home Warranty as set out in the Homeowner Protection Act by BC Housing

Consumer Guides

Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) Advantages - Specific to homeowners as prepared by Logix ICF

Guide to High Performance Homes - A consumer guide prepared by BC Housing (PDF)

Buying a home in BC - A consumer protection guide prepared by BC Housing (PDF)

New Home Warranty

Travelers Guide to New Home Warranty - General information regarding New Home Warranty

Travelers New Home Warranty Coverage - A more in-depth information sheet on your warranty coverage

Guide to New Home Warranty in BC - A guide prepared by BC Housing (PDF)